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Wireless to wireless access point. How to connect a ps3 to a wireless router. Linksys wireless game

Wireless To Wireless Access Point

wireless to wireless access point

  • Indicate a particular time, direction, or reading

  • Direct someone's attention to the position or direction of something, typically by extending one's finger

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This is where all the magic happens. The workshop is where all the PCs that the residents of the estate get worked on. This can vary from adding new sticks of RAM (we generally deal with old machines from way back and we have a stock of old RAM to get rid of), upgrading hard drives, troubleshooting OS problems to getting rid of spyware.

This photo was taken when I was configuring a wireless bridge to act as a mesh box whilst serving the locally connected PC to connect to the mesh and the Internet.

That PC is one of 4 that were given out that day. They run Ubuntu 6.06. ~500MHZ P2s with 256MB RAM and a 6GB HDD. Hey, you get what you pay for. ;)

Cool off the AP

Cool off the AP

My access point has been acting up bad today. It's been doing this for a while and I had enough. So, after drop kicking it a few times I threw it in the freezer to see if that'll help it out a little.

The thing got pretty warm.

wireless to wireless access point

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